The PS4 exclusive God of War received numerous awards for the game's sophisticated story. Part of it is Mimir, a man who is considered to be particularly wise and carried around by Kratos. The Bar-El-Studio breathed life into the character and created a breathtaking, real-life animatronic.

Mimir is one of the key characters in God of War (2018) and helps Kratos, together with Atreus, find the way to Jötunheim in order to be able to sprinkle Faye's ashes from the highest peak. However, Mimir's body is tied to a tree, so Kratos quickly cuts off his head and takes him to the forest witch, who then takes him revived,

The Bar-El-Studio, founded in 2010, specializes in 3D models, special effects and animatronics. The team made it their task in mid-2019 to develop Mimir's head and created an animatronic that looks deceptively real.

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He speaks whole sentences from the game

For several months, the studio team worked on Mimir's head due to of its many details certainly was a mammoth task. For him became special Prosthetic eyes and teeth developed, which found their place in 3D printing. The individual skin and facial features were molded with clay to create a silicone mold. Filigree work on horns and hair make the end result look deceptively real.

The head not only looks good, it also sounds stylish. To top it off, Mimir speaks whole sentencesthat come straight from the game. The studio presents the result in a short video: