God of War producer also wants a series

The Netflix series The Witcher has brought old and new fans together. The books and games are more popular than ever, and fans soak up any information about them like a sponge. But there are still more games that would be suitable for a series, currently thinks, for example, of God of War Director Cory Barlog.

God of War series: developers and fans already have a lot of good ideas

"What other games are suitable for a Netflix-like series?" Asked GamesIndustry.biz recently on Twitter and plays with it on you podcast the page published on the subject. There are certainly a few good examples of this, including God of War, like Director Barlog place. Rightly so, because God of War turned out to be an extreme successful game, Not that rumors are now emerging. He would also like to avoid this and immediately informed the community:

"BTW, that's not a tip or anything. I just think that games would make great TV shows because you spend so much time with the characters in fantastic worlds. Games, like television, are like relationships with characters, with films more like a date. Both can be great, โ€said Barlog.

First ideas for that occupation followed promptly and Emmy Award winners Rob Cabrera let his imagination run wild:

This is how the community reacts

It was clear that the question of suitable games for one Netflix-like series receives numerous responses and indeed some came good suggestions together. In addition to God of War, games like Bioshock, Horizon Zero Dawn, Darksiders and Assassinโ€™s Creed also fell, which might have a future if they don't end up like Uncharted.

Still, some voted in favor of God of War director Cory Barlog's suggestion and were fuller confidence:

What would you think of a series about God of War? Which actors could you imagine who could well embody the characters from God of War? Or would you prefer another game? Please write us your suggestions in the comments.