God of War Ragnarök: Götterdämmerung on PS5

But the world won't end until next year. With a teaser for the God of War sequel, Sony shows where the journey is headed. Ragnarok is at the door.

Already at the end of God of War it became clear that a sequel would be about the apocalypse from Norse mythology. God of War Ragnarok will also be the title of the sequelas a short teaser at the PS5 showcase showed.

The short clip only contains Krato's warning that you should prepare for Ragnarok. Fortunately there is still some time until then only the year 2021 is specified as the release period. That means you have enough time to get used to the PlayStation 5. It can now be pre-ordered:

PlayStation 5 All Digital Edition for 399 euros:

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PlayStation 5 with drive for 499 euros:

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What God of War 4 reveals about the next part

After Kratos and Atreus have scattered the ashes of Faye on the summit in Jötunheim, the credits actually start and the player is then free to explore the world further. If he goes back to the house in the wild forest and interacts with the beds there, then starts a cutscenethat takes place "years later". Kratos and Atreus are woken up by a thunderstorm when they step in front of the house, they see a hooded man around whom the lightning flashes and who carries a well-known hammer at his side. It's Thor, of course.

After a fade to black, it becomes clear that it was just an Atreus dream or much more a vision. It already began in God of War 4 Fimbulwinter, an ice age that is seen as one of four portents of the apocalypse.

Through their actions, Kratos and Atreus triggered the fall of the gods prematurely, with the consequences of this they now have to deal with the next part.