The announcement that the previous PS4 exclusive Horizon Zero Dawn will soon be released for the PC was not well received by some PlayStation users. Now another AAA game could find its way onto the home computer.

On the official PlayStation website there was a change that is currently causing speculation. Because although PlayStation boss Herman Hulst recently claimed that they have no plans to release more exclusive titles for the PC, the label "Only for PlayStation" is now missing in the AAA game God of War.

God of War director Cory Barlog has been loud DualShockers already mentioned in the past that while he does not have the right to determine which platforms the game will appear on, but he would think it would be a good idea to make the game available to several. If one of the game's greatest developers is a fan of this idea, why shouldn't Sony be willing to invest the work?

However, it is still about Rumors. No official statements have yet been made. We'll keep you up to date. What would you think of it if God of War also appeared on the PC? Please let us know your opinion in the comment box below.

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What could you have against it?

Horizon Zero Dawn will lose its exclusivity; but what sounds like a loss at first is actually a Profit: As Sony recently announced, the once PS4-exclusive game will be released for PC in summer 2020. Nobody loses – but a few players still have the opportunity to put their hand to the highly praised role-playing game.

However, not everyone is happy about it. Some PS4 players complain about Sony's loosened-up strategy: after all, Horizon Zero Dawn isn't the group's first, but no longer, exclusive game. In recent years, PS4 classics like Heavy Rain, Beyond Two Souls and also titles like Detroit: Become Human and Death Stranding have been crawling from the PlayStation to the PC.

As a PlayStation fan describes on Twitter, it would all "destroy PlayStation for the past 25 years":

Another player is complaining since he only bought the PS4 for exclusive titles:

As the new PlayStation director Herman Hulst literally explains on the official PlayStation blog, it is by no means planned that "every game will now be on the PC." Nevertheless, the last few years have shown that more and more games are installed across platforms and can be played via crossplay.

Without a doubt, the negative reactions of the fans can be traced back to the years of “console war”, but is it still happening? Or maybe we should – like it too Polygon Very excellently explained – look at a new generation of video games with acceptance, which doesn't just work platform-exclusively, but instead turns to new models. How about video game streaming.

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After Horizon Zero Dawn: What About Other PS4 Exclusives?

In recent months, to the delight of the fans, some popular console titles have also been released for the PC. Examples include Beyond Two Souls, Heavy Rain and Death Stranding – and the AAA title Horizon Zero Dawn will be added soon. But even if a release for other platforms has been more common in recent months, Sony has no plans to release PlayStation games for the PC at the same time or at all. Except in exceptional cases.

“Perhaps to reassure some: The release of an AAA title on the PC does not necessarily mean that every game is now on the PC. In my opinion, Horizon Zero Dawn was a perfect fit for this particular case. We have no day and date plans, and we're 100 percent committed to dedicated hardware, ”said Sony's new director, Herman Hulst at the PlayStation blog.

While Microsoft publishes many of its own games on multiple platforms, making them accessible to the general public, Sony remains stubborn on the point. Which makes sense, of course, because Microsoft combines Windows and Xbox One under one roof. Sony, on the other hand, naturally relies on the in-house console, and does not have as many advantages as Microsoft if they publish on the PC at the same time.

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It's official: PC release of Horizon Zero Dawn is coming in 2020

2020 does not seem to be the year of PS4 exclusivity, and I think that everyone can come to terms with it: Not only Death Stranding will take off his PlayStation-only coat this year, Horizon Zero Dawn will officially be released for the PC in 2020 – there are even a Steam site.

It took three years, but the wait is finally rewarded: the former PS4 exclusive game Horizon Zero Dawn is officially released for PC this yearhow PlayStation boss Hermen Hulst on the PlayStation blog approved. Among other things, there will be a Complete Edition, with extra content and the DLC The Frozen Wilds – check it out yourself Steam game page to.

Horizon Zero Dawn is said to be in Summer 2020 appear on the PC.

Read from our tester Sandro how much Horizon Zero Dawn carried him away on the PS4. Or check out our Just test the game in the short video on:

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Does Horizon Zero Dawn also appear for the PC?

In February 2017 the Exclusive PS4 titles Horizon: Zero Dawn and was on everyone's lips. The story takes place about 1,000 years after the collapse of human civilization. After a catastrophe, various tribes from the Stone Age and antiquity formed, but the game world is also populated by futuristic machine beings. The Mix of pre-industrial development stages and the future makes the game particularly interesting.

So far, only console players have had the pleasure, but if there are different sources, they will also come PC player soon enjoy and are allowed to be the protagonist Aloy direct through the diverse world.

There are some particularly beautiful places in the game world.

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Horizon Zero Dawn: The most beautiful pictures of the photo mode

The first guerrilla game on a different platform

So far all games have been from Studio Guerrilla for the console only developed. Horizon: Zero Dawn on the PC would be a new one for the company milestone mean. It could be ready soon – at least that is what sources say Kotaku. They prefer to remain anonymous, but they are supposed to be inaugurated by Sony plans.

A release for the PC would certainly not be a disadvantage, so the studio could show what it can do. Even though it didn't feel that way to gamers, Horizon: Zero Dawn only reached on the console due to the PlayStation 4 hardware 30 frames per second. A PC version would probably be more powerful and a way to tease everything out of the game.

Because Sony not officially yet has stated that this information should be used with caution. We keep you up to date at GIGA Games. What would you think of it? Would you buy the game for the PC? Feel free to write us your opinion in the comments below.