It looks like Warner Bros. at Godzilla vs. Kong will rely on a similar strategy that the company has now chosen for Wonder Woman in 1984. Accordingly, the film would initially run exclusively in the cinema for a few days and then be shown on a streaming platform. According to a report from Deadline, Netflix initially tried to secure the rights to the film for $ 200 million, but Warner prevented the deal.

Even though the film is produced by Legendary, WarnerMedia owns a 25 percent stake in Godzilla vs. Kong. Warner Bros. is also responsible for marketing in the cinema. Now the company also wants to show the film on the in-house platform HBO Max. However, confirmation has not yet been received. Godzilla vs. Kong can be seen in the cinema from May 20, 2021. Incidentally, this is the first film in 59 years in which King Kong and Godzilla can be seen together on the screen. The three predecessors – Godzilla, Kong: Skull Island and Godzilla: King of the Monsters – grossed over 1.4 billion US dollars.

Source: Deadline

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