GOG Most recently, users have been able to return games 30 days after purchase. No matter whether they were played in time or not. This change surprised the developers who offer their games on the platform.

A system that can be exploited

Basically, you can now get a game through GOG, play it for 30 days as you please and then return it. Then you get the next game, gamble it for 30 days, give it back and so on … Developers are now concerned that this new regulation will entice players to always return their purchased games after 30 days. However, since GOG offers DRM-free games, the titles could theoretically be "retained" despite the return. That would be a financial disaster for many a studio.

"It's difficult because I personally agree that there should be refund policies," says No-More-Robots founder Mike Rose. "But because GOG is DRM-free, it means that any refund policy can be misused by simply downloading the game, receiving a refund, and then keeping the game anyway. Whatever you do, there will always be some who take advantage of that. "

"Whenever GOG or Steam make changes to their stores, we are not consulted," said Ragnar Tørnquist, founder of Red Thread Games. "We'll find out shortly before it comes into effect … but in this particular case, there was no GOG heads-up. I learned about the new refund policy when the world learned about the new refund policy. Which is scary!"

GOG assures the developers: "It is important for us to ensure that all the hard work that goes into developing the fantastic games remains safe and that the developers are treated with the respect they deserve. That is why we have this update introduced additional measures to protect their games, including manually moderating each refund request, the option to refuse individual refunds, and more. "

Game studios will now have to wait and see how the situation develops. And GOG will have to respond to any abuse.

Source: euro Gamer

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