Good news on December 4th

As of December 4th, 2020: MediaMarkt and Saturn customers stood in the rain for weeks with no information from the retailer or exact dates as to when delivery will be made. Now finally the first shipping confirmations are going out.

PlayStation 5
PS5 pre-ordered but not received? Or got too late? Tell us about your experiences with the PS5 pre-order: Have you contacted Mediamarkt, Saturn or another provider? Did any of you get the console this week? Was the package sent but never arrived? Write us a PM to our Facebook presence, then we can help each other.

PS5 pre-orders as of December 4th, 2020

9:34 a.m.: After weeks of silence from MediaMarkt and Saturn, both retailers, who belong together, made a statement on Twitter:

And yet: Again no exact delivery date, again no information on the status of thousands of PS5 pre-orders that have still not reached the customer. But there is good news anyway: Even if the communication between the two retailers leaves a lot to be desired, the first shipping confirmations from MediaMarkt to waiting PS5 customers were sent out this morning. Saturn should follow soon.

Those are the facts on December 4th, 2020

  • MediaMarktSaturn commented on the status of the PS5 pre-orders (but did not mention a delivery date).
  • First shipping confirmations from MediaMarkt have been sent to customers.
  • Saturn should follow very soon.
    • It should also be delivered on weekends.
    • It may well be before all MediaMarktSaturn customers have their PS5 up to the 51st calendar week last.
    • It is not certain whether all PS5 consoles can still be delivered in 2020.
  • The reason for the new wave of shipments is that Sony had meanwhile supplied all retailers with PS5 consoles again. More consoles should go to dealers in 2020.

PS5 pre-orders as of December 03, 2020

A new, small wave of PS5 consoles is said to have been delivered to the dealers. If it is true that MediaMarkt, Saturn and Co. actually deliver to pre-orderers first, a shipping confirmation could soon be waiting in their e-mail account.

Those are the facts on December 3rd, 2020

  • As Games economy reports, Amazon has been sending new consoles to pre-orderers since December 2nd. The guess is therefore that all dealers have received new consoles.
  • Keep an eye on your email in particular now! New consoles at the retailer mean your pre-order PS5 could be delivered these days.
  • Also interesting: Eurotronics has assured a reader that all pre-orders will have their PS5 console by December 15th.
  • A reader was able to pick up his console in a Saturn store on December 1st.
  • Meanwhile, it is believed that even more PS5 consoles will be sent to dealers by Sony next week.

The pre-order wheel has started moving, that's for sure. Let's hope that MediaMarkt and Co. keep their promise and first deliver the consoles to the pre-orderers before they sell new ones. We will keep you up to date here.

PS5 pre-orders as of November 30, 2020

We have received a lot of messages from readers who have still not received their pre-ordered PS5 consoles at MediaMarkt, Saturn and Co. The console has not been delivered to anyone in the past few days.

These are the facts we were able to filter out:

  • Above all, Saturn and MediaMarkt customers are affected.
  • Some pre-orderers of the first wave have also not received a console to this day.
  • It is uncertain whether it had any effect, whether you were signed in to purchase or not.
  • There are increasing numbers of statements that the shops currently no longer have any consoles available and are therefore waiting for supplies from Sony.
  • Statements about the delivery date
    • Most of the shops have indicated that Sony will deliver new consoles in the 50th calendar week. So between December 7th and December 13th.
    • A MedieMarkt shop commented and stated that pre-orderers can only count on their console in January. However, this statement is in the minority.
    • A Saturn shop, however, stated that Sony would deliver new consoles every day. Even with this he is in the minority.
    • Saturn Aachen announced that new consoles would be delivered between December 10th and 12th.

As you can see, some statements diverge widely. In addition, it was noted several times by readers that the communication from the shops left a lot to be desired: delivery dates are not mentioned, there is no response to e-mails and one reader even reported that shop employees simply hang up when they are on the phone PS5 mentioned.

So the pre-order chaos has not yet come to an end. As things stand today, we recommend that you keep your pre-order and wait for the 50th calendar week. Should you cancel, we do not assume that you can get hold of the PS5 in 2020. If you receive or have received a PS5 within the next or last days, please send us a message on Facebook! We will keep you up to date.

As of November 27, 2020

Let's be clear: I was able to catch a PS5 at Mediamarkt for the second wave of sales, received the confirmation and a while later an email stating that the delivery of the console could be delayed. Then silence. The console didn't arrive either, of course, and now the question wafts in the room: When is it coming? What's happening? Did Mediamarkt even have my console? Should i cancel?

I suppose some of you feel the same way. If so, you might be interested in that: I did some research, asked MediaMarkt and came to the conclusion that, despite everything, canceling it would not be a good idea at the moment. Patience is arguably the mother of the PS5 console.

What MediaMarkt says about the status of PS5 pre-orders

“Since the PlayStation 5 went on sale on November 19, 2020, we have gradually started delivering it exclusively to pre-orderers. Due to the very high demand for pre-orders, we cannot currently guarantee that we will serve all pre-orders with the start of sales. We are in close contact with the manufacturer in order to carry out all pre-orders as quickly as possible on the release date. "

What the spokeswoman for MediaMarkt has told us here is of course a ready-made text that unfortunately doesn't really relate to the When or that Why comes in. Could it be that MediaMarkt and Co. have sold PS5 consoles that they didn't even have? And which can only be provided by Sony with the next delivery? If so, this pre-order is and will remain your chance to get the PS5 – and everyone else who wants to pre-order in the next wave will have fewer consoles available. If there really will be a third wave in 2020.

But we cannot know for sure. Cyber ​​week with Black Friday may also prevent delivery because retailers are currently overwhelmed.

When could your PS5 console arrive?

As Games economy reported in an interesting article, PS5 consoles were transported until November 24th, that is, on Tuesday, shipping confirmations were sent to customers who had successfully pre-ordered their PS5 from MediaMarkt or Saturn. It was mainly customers who had pre-ordered in the 2nd wave. We can assume that deliveries will be made successively, especially to those who have pre-ordered.

Customers were also advised by MediaMarkt and Co. that the stores are now concentrate on the remaining pre-orders will. Conversely, this means that you are more likely to receive the console with a pre-order than with a cancellation and trying to order again. If you want to get the PS5 in 2020, I advise you not to cancel.

When can further deliveries be expected? It is currently assumed that those who are still waiting for pre-orders will receive their console at the beginning of December at the earliest. Sony announced in a tweet on November 25th that PS5 consoles would be delivered to stores again before the end of the year. In addition, it seems as if MediaMarkt and Co. are groping in the dark as to when they can deliver again. See for yourself:

Tips for PS5 pre-orderers

In the meantime, what can you do to find out why your package hasn't arrived yet? Here are a few tips – it is quite possible that your pre-order didn't work out.

  • Control your bank account: Has the money that you transferred to MediaMarkt and Co. been transferred back?
    • Some customers did not receive any information regarding the cancellation of their pre-order.
    • Instead, only the money was sent back.
    • If this is the case with you, your pre-order did not work.
  • Check your email account for shipping confirmations every day.
  • Check with the dealer.
    • If the dealer mentions when the console should be delivered, please let us know! Then we can update this article. (See above.)
  • Patience.

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Yes, there is still hope for those who have been able to pre-order a PS5 but haven't received it yet. As soon as there is new information on the status of the pre-orders, we will update this article.