A few days ago, Glenn Rane, the leading artist and illustrator at Blizzard, announced on Twitter that he was leaving the California game company. With his new job at Lightforge Games, Glenn is daring a fresh start, and he is looking forward to his new colleagues and the upcoming challenges that await him in the future. With that, Glenn Rane concludes further developer
Veterans like Jeff Kaplan who left Blizzard last month

Glenn Rane is (or was) a true Blizzard veteran. His artwork, which he has made for Blizzard’s games for 15 years, is legendary. This includes numerous iconic artworks for World of Warcraft, Hearthstone and Diablo. His illustrations were the figurehead of many BlizzCon events and almost every Blizzard player should already have his work in the form of loading screen images, cover artwork. Have seen concept art and logos.

Legendary art for World of Warcraft

Some works of art from Glenn’s portfolio went down in history in recent years, including without a doubt the fantastic cover picture of Burning Cursade, which originally adorned the game box. Another highlight is the image for the loading screen from WotLK. The nasty grin of Lich King Arthas is etched into the memory of the players forever. The same goes for Arthas’ successor – Bolvar Fordragon. The newly crowned Lich King still stands for the tragic end of Wrath of the Lich King. The impressive cover pictures with war chief Garrosh Hellschrei as well as the pandaren monk and Illidan in front of the tomb of Sargeras hit the same line.

Goodbye Blizzard!  Art Director Glenn Rane joins Lightforge Games (2)

Source: Blizzard

Goodbye Blizzard!  Art Director Glenn Rane joins Lightforge Games (3)

Source: Blizzard

Goodbye Blizzard!  Art Director Glenn Rane joins Lightforge Games (4)

Source: Blizzard

Goodbye Blizzard!  Art Director Glenn Rane joins Lightforge Games (5)

Source: Blizzard

A new haven for old developer sailors – Lightforged Games

Glenn Rane belonged to the group of artists along with Sam Didier, Chris Metzen and many other creative minds Sons of the Storm. Now Rane starts as the new Art Director Lightforge Games by! The game studio was founded by former employees of Blizzard and Epic Games. Together, the developers want to revive the role-playing genre and quote: “… changed the way the world plays role-playing games.”

Who are we?
Lightforge Games is a new, all-remote studio of industry veterans on a quest to change how the world plays RPGs. We’re building a studio for the long haul, rooted in a culture of empathy, honesty, and growth. We’re looking for wild dreamers and renaissance thinkers from all walks of life. Join our quest!

In this news we only presented a few works of art by Genn Rane. In the gallery Genns own website and up Artstation and Deviantart you can find all of the work he has done for Blizzard over the past few years. In his portfolio you can see exactly how World of Warcraft, Hearthstone and Co have visually evolved over the years. We are excited to see what great works of art Glenn will create in the future!

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