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Google plans innovations for the in-house browser Chrome, which will be installed in the standard version of Chrome from summer onwards and should benefit users. On the one hand, Google wants to block certain advertisements that users find particularly annoying, but on the other hand also downloads of many file types, unless the user deliberately agrees to the download.

For Google, advertising is big business. But in recent years the company has also understood that too much advertising and certain particularly annoying forms of advertising tend to drive users away or ensure that they use ad blockers and therefore no longer watch advertising at all. In total, this is so negative for Google that the Californians now want to install more automatic filter functions for the Chrome browser and want to block certain advertising videos or advertisements, as our colleagues from Golem report, Likewise, potentially dangerous downloads should be blocked – Golem also reports this,

Ads and downloads are blocked

From the summer, the Chrome browser should block certain advertising formats. This includes advertising videos within videos that pause the actual video and cannot be skipped, but also advertising banners with text or video content that overlays more than a fifth of the video. The Google team started to revise certain advertisements on its own websites in this direction two years ago, and found that the users then used ad blockers much less frequently on average. Google’s plans are likely to be beneficial to both users and Google. In addition to advertising, Google also wants to ensure in Chrome that downloads of certain file types are blocked, unless the user gives his okay or has set the URL on a positive list.

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