The people in charge at Google have im Blog announced that personalized advertising will be dispensed with from next year. According to product manager David Temkin, there is no longer any tracking across multiple websites. Advertisers in particular are now worried about their future plans.

With annual sales of $ 292 billion, Google is currently the largest advertising company in the digital space. Almost 52 percent of all advertisements run through the provider. A new alternative to personalized advertising has already been presented. Accordingly, advertisers will soon have user groups to choose from that they want to advertise specifically. Countless users who have the same interests in certain areas are united in these groups. These categories include various topics such as sports, fitness, technology, vacations, and more.

Google already banned the use of third-party cookies last year. According to experts, the fact that the company wants to focus more on privacy in the future is also due to the parent company Alphabet, which is currently dealing with three antitrust investigations in the USA. The competition has also been putting more and more pressure on Google recently. Underneath Applewho have been focusing more on privacy for some time. The future will show whether Google's change of course will also have an impact on Facebook. The social network is currently the second largest digital advertising company in the world.

Source: Google via daily News

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