Play in real 4k with 60 FPS, that should go to Google Stadia. But the reality is a little different, and in the case of Doom Eternal, reality is a broken promise.

For the release of Doom Eternal on March 20, 2020 has been announcedin which resolution the game will run on which platform. At Google Stadia, players should have expected different information.

Instead of the announced 4K there is 1800p, which is of course quite high, but not what was promised. Incidentally, this resolution also creates the Xbox One X, which Stadia actually wanted to outdo.

Google may argue that they are games in "Up to 4K" wanted to offer, but in the case of Doom Eternal, it sounded very different when presented at GDC 2019. It was said literally there:

"We couldn't be happier to release Doom Eternal on Stadia and we are thrilled to announce that the game will be able to run in real 4K, with HDR colors and sustained 60 FPS."

As we now know, Stadia can neither meet its own nor the expectations of the players. It will be shown how long this will continue. After all, the platform actually has potential.

Original message from January 31st, 2020, 5:35 pm:

Stadia players are still dissatisfied – and Google puts them off

Some Stadia players are restless: More and more criticize the lack of large AAA titles and – above all – the lack of willingness to communicate on the part of Google.

Everything is not fine at Google Stadia: For days now, more and more players have complained that hardly any updates are written or promised features are kept. In one Reddit thread ask for an answer – which you have now received indirectly. In conversation with Google commented on the biggest criticism: the promise that 2020 more than 120 games will appear on Stadia, including 10 exclusive titles in the first half of the year:

“We understand the need to learn more about specific games. In the end it's about: the games. Of course not everyone will 120 games from Google Stadia announced because we leave the announcements to the publishers of their own IPs / games, and also on which platforms they appear on – just as we will do for the exclusive content that comes for Stadia. "

There is also a word that Stadia players have heard many times:soon". Soon there will be new information about the games and other promised features, such as family sharing or Stadia Base: the steaming service that Google wanted to offer for free.

In the official Stadia Reddit will be Google's comforting answer not exactly warm added: "Maybe the intern type answered who also responds to all of our tweets?"

By the way, PS Now is also available, just by the way:

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PlayStation Now: All games you can stream + list

Original message from January 19, 2020, 12:22 p.m.

If we start from the German market, Google Stadia had bad cards right from the start. The streaming service needs a lot of bandwidth to actually stream the promised 4k and 60 FPS to your devices – and then it only works for certain titles. With its way too small Line up free games in a premium subscription, after all 9.99 euros / month costs, the service can not inspire. In the meantime, even those users who were initially hyped jump off again – which was certainly not the intention of the large company.

in the Interview with GameStar Stadia boss Jack Buser said in 2019 that he wanted "Billions of players“Achieve – a similar success as with PlayStation or Xbox, however, would not be sufficient, they would only sell about 150 million units. Well, there are currently only about 8,000 Destiny 2 people on Stadia. Destiny 2 has been something of a figurehead for Stadia; nevertheless, the number of players has increased cut in half after just a month. Ouch?

Google Stadia: Mobile is also going downhill

Like the statistics platform Sensor tower shows, as it were, the app downloads from Google Stadia has declined massively since November 2019:

Sure, the initial hype also counts here. With a total of about 550,000 installations between November 2019 and January 2020 but not particularly high either – this is the free standard version. As PocketGamer calculates, about 383,000 installations were made in November alone; then it went downhill. So what's the reason – apart from the reasons listed above? Are the players dissatisfied?

Stadia has presented some very interesting ideas:

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8 fascinating ideas that Google Stadia wants to implement

In fact, the Stadia Reddit forum is still fully involved positive feedback to the streaming service. Some who use it therefore seem happy. Maybe the time for game streaming just hasn't come yet? At the moment, hardly anyone is interested in it on other platforms. Who of you has PS Now? Mhm.