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On Friday, THQ Nordic surprisingly released a playable prototype for a potential remake of the role-playing game Gothic. The reactions to this are currently mostly positive.

The surprising release of the prototype of a possible role play remake gothic caused a lot of discussion. The feedback from the players should serve to show THQ whether the remake should be further developed or not. It looks pretty good right now.

The majority is for the remake

gothic (buy now for 14.33 €) is a cult game and many fans associate nostalgic memories with the title. That was also the reason why THQ Nordic released the playable teaser. It should not be decided over the heads of the fans whether a remake is coming and how it should look. That is why it is so important that everyone who looks at the prototype fills out the questionnaire at the end so that the developers know what went down well with what did not.

On Steam you can see the comments and ratings of the players. The ratings are currently 72% and therefore "mostly positive". Many like what they get to play. The battles, exploring the game world and quests with alternative solutions are often praised. On the other hand, the very talkative, "Prince-Charming" -like hero is less well received, just like the bright colors and some of the characters, which are exaggerated and not as rough as the original. The frequent invisible walls are also tearing out of the world. Generally the rough and dirty Gothic atmosphere is still missing.

But of course there are also those who categorically reject a remake of Gothic. They think that it is better to continue the series instead of "ruining" the nostalgic memories of the original. At the moment, however, the positive votes predominate. THQ Nordic has to decide whether the Gothic remake really comes.

Source: Steam

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