About two months after THQ Nordic released a demo of the Gothic remake, it was decided: the role-playing classic from 2001 got a full new edition.

Over 180,000 players took the chance to test the "playable teaser" for the Gothic remake. The feedback from these players is now used to determine the direction of development. You can find a collection of the analyzed feedback data here,

A separate studio is being set up in Barcelona for the remake, it says in the official announcement, There the collected data will now flow into the development. A frequently mentioned change request was, for example, a dirty and less colorful game world.

There is of course no release period yet, but according to THQ it will be Nordic definitely not in 2020, So the fans will have to be patient.

Original message from December 16, 2019:

Gothic is back – try the playable demo for the remake

The role-playing classic Gothic is back and for around two hours fans now have the opportunity to test the game in a teaser and then leave feedback to the developers.

In 2001 the role-playing classic Gothic was able to convince numerous fans. Over the years, an entire game series developed from it, which together sold over three million copies and is one of the most successful German computer game productions.

about Steam fans have the option to download a very early version of Gothic 1 that could develop into a full remake. Immediately after the demo, the developers ask for feedback using a questionnaire. However, there is a small catch. The playable teaser is reserved exclusively for loyal fans who already own one of the titles from the Gothic saga or a game developed by Piranha Bytes.

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A game created from scratch

THQ Nordic Barcelona created the playable teaser using Unreal Engine 4. However, according to the developers, it's not just a beefed up version of the game, it's an entirely new adventure. Of course there are already known characters and locations in the game, but there are also fresh quests, environments and new dialogues.

Streamers have already dared to take part in the demo, too Gronkh right at the front. He himself seems to be quite convinced of the project and only criticizes subtleties that can of course be adjusted in the course of development. Have you already played the original Gothic? Are you interested in the demo? Let us know in the comments.