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Over the next two weeks, you can get a free package in The Elder Scrolls Online Crown Shop. We'll tell you what's in the gift box. Spoiler: it's worth it!

On the official website of The Elder Scrolls Online those responsible at Zenimax have announced that all Tamriel heroes want to secure a free package in the Crown Shop by July 30th. The reason for the gift? Well, let the developers have their say:

"Regardless of whether you let others share your adventure stories, help other players, or contribute to improve the game yourself, you have created one of the best communities in the gaming field. To express our appreciation for everything you do show, we packed a very special gift in the crown shop in the game. "

You can find the package in the showcase of the Crown Store for 0 crowns. And this is in the gift box:

  • Vampiric Goblin (Companion)
  • Molag Bal's Club (Monturstil)
  • 3 change marks
  • 10 crown repair materials
  • 20 crown soul stones
  • 3 Gold Coast Scrolls of Learning (50% additional experience for an hour)

As soon as you receive the package, you will find the repair materials, soul stones and scrolls of experience in your inventory and companions and gear style in your collection. Finally, you can use the change markers on change tables (where you can also use the weapon style).

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