Grab a gift to start your Avernus PC!

On June 30, 2020, fans of the online role-playing game Neverwinter were able to celebrate again powerfully, because the PC version of the latest expansion Avernus was published there. Avernus continues the gripping story that started with Infernal Descent. At the wheel of an infernal war machine, you travel right into the middle of a new adventure to uncover the mysterious past of Zariel, the medical devil, after the Vallenhas family residence in Infernal Descent was torn from the material plane by devilish forces in the middle of Avernus.

New quests await you in the new game area of ​​Avernus, which will take you to the heart of the Hell Plain. Along with Makos, you'll encounter loads of new monsters as you explore Fort Knuckle's junkyards, the Stygian Dock, the Wasteland, Haruman's Hills, the scab bump, and the Bleeding Citadel. After all, you have the Celestian cohorts on top, who wanted to go to war with you against the hordes of the Bastion of Evil – they still have a chicken to pluck with the powers of hell.

With Avernus, the developers at Cryptic also shot mechanics that often take a back seat because they don't reveal themselves as clearly to players. They were about Rules of scaling the game world adapted to give you a better gaming experience. In addition, details were given in the model paths Messenger of Hell Warlock and Conqueror changed that were rather weak in the past.

Do you feel like the new content from Neverwinter (buy now for 116,99 €): Try Avernus? Then unpack a gift from the dishonest nobleman! We will be raffling off 50 codes for these gifts from the contestants, which include a dishonest noble's cloak, a stone of health, an adventurer XP boost, and five first aid kits! This is a nice, free gift for your trip through Avernus! Just click on the link below and keep your fingers crossed that you are one of the winners.

Yes, I want a gift from the dishonest nobleman!

Please log in to your buffed account and use the desktop version of buffed to participate in the competition. You can enter the competition until July 9, 2020 at 5:59 p.m. Shortly thereafter, we randomly select the winners among all participants! We wish you good luck! Our general competition conditions can be found here. The judges' decision is final and a cash payment of the prizes is not possible.

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