Wednesday, December 01, 2021

Grab heavily discounted top games in the huge Black Friday sale

Steam-Sale mit Hades, New World und Guardians of the Galaxy.
Numerous top games are on offer in the Black Friday Steam sale.

Steam is holding an extensive new sale on Black Friday. During the autumn campaign, you can secure top games from all genres at low prices – including, for example, New World, Hades, Outer Wilds, FIFA 22 and many more.

Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy

Just in time for Black Friday, Steam has started a new sale, where you can choose your next highlights from a huge selection of games – and at the same time can save up to 75 percent. We’ll show you which top deals you shouldn’t miss out on at Steam’s fall promotion.

Steam: Hammer sale for Black Friday

In the latest Steam sale you can numerous well-known top games at exceptionally low prices snap. With New World, FIFA 22, Deathloop, Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy and other hits, recent new releases are also reduced in price. But you shouldn’t wait too long, because the autumn promotion only runs until December 1st. Here are some highlights from the huge Black Friday sale:

In our video we show you 6 tips for bargain hunting on Black Friday:

Just in time for Black Friday, Steam is starting a new sale with the autumn campaign, in which numerous top games are greatly reduced in price. We’ll show you the game highlights from the Steam campaign.

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