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Those who complete the challenge quests for the Immortal Army in the Shadowlands zone Maldraxxus will, with a lot of luck, get one of three necro-ray mounts. Members of the Necrolord Pact have an increased chance of getting the mounts.

New mounts in all shapes and colors are waiting for you to find and collect them in the Shadowlands of World of Warcraft. This also includes the necro rays, which are available in a total of three color variants: the Bulbous necrotic rays in yellow-brown hue, the Infested necrotic rays in a dark purple and that Infested necro rays in brackish green.

WoW: Necro-ray mounts from Maldraxxus - This is how you get the rare mounts (1)

Source: Buffed

WoW: Necro-Ray Mounts from Maldraxxus - This is how you get the rare mounts (2)

Source: Buffed

WoW: Necro-ray mounts from Maldraxxus - This is how you get the rare mounts (3)

Source: Buffed

You get these three mounts from Maldraxxus, to be more precise, with a small drop chance from the tribute chests that you get for completing the challenge quests of the Undying Army, namely Tribute to the ambitious and Tribute to those bound by duty. Although you do not have to be a member of the Nekolords Pact to get these chests, Nekolords have an advantage if they want to farm the Necro Ray mounts: You can get the tribute chests you need not only through the challenge quests that defend Maldraxxus in the foreground, but also on challenges of their pact such as Rare resources and Storm on the throat.

But how exactly do you get the necrotic rays now? Every time you open Tribute to the Ambitious or Tribute to the Duty, there is a small chance that that chest contains a necro-ray egg. If such an egg ends up in your inventory, it must hatch for three days before it turns into a slimy necro-ray egg. You can then open this egg and randomly get hold of one of the three mentioned necro-ray mounts.

We want to know from you: Which necrotic ray color do you like best? And will you specifically farm the mount? Let us know in the comments below!

source: Wowhead

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