On Wednesday, the Pokémon Unite servers went live for Nintendo Switch. At the launch, the MOBA offers a total of 20 pocket monsters to choose from, with which you can compete against other virtual trainers. Including well-known names such as Pikachu, Charizard, Bisaflor or Gengar. For the launch of Pokémon Unite, the team is now giving away the electric Pokémon Zeraora for a short time to all players who log into the MOBA by August 31, 2021.

If you have completed the tutorial and are in the main menu for the first time, use the X button to call up the menu item “Mail”. There you should now find a message titled “Launch Bonus”. Here you can secure the Unite license for Zeraora with a simple click. From now on, the Pokémon is always in the selection before the start of a game.

You can also find an overview of all pocket monsters in the main menu. There you can also see which Pokémon you have already unlocked and which can currently be tried out for free. As in other MOBAs, players have to use either the currency of the title or real money to unlock new fighters for Pokémon Unite. Every now and then, a Unite license can also be obtained through a level rise or an event. Keep an eye on the corresponding in-game rewards for this.

For a few weeks, Pokémon Unite will now be available exclusively for Nintendo Switch. The implementation for iOS and Android will follow in September. The makers promise that there will also be a way for mobile gamers to unlock Zeraora for free. The team will announce further details shortly.

Pokémon Unite: Trailer zum Switch-Launch des Pokémon-MOBA

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