Nvidia is making headlines again. The graphics card manufacturer has a real scandal on the cheek after a leaked email. Because the digital document reveals what drastic steps the company takes if someone doesn't dance to their tune. Shortly afterwards, however, you row back.


Nvidia bans Hardware Unboxed: Popular YouTuber no longer receives test samples

For the creation of test reports and reviews, Nvidia sends samples of new graphics cards to the press as well as to numerous YouTubers in advance to enable timely reporting. So far, the well-known technology YouTuber has also received Hardware unboxed corresponding test samples from Nvidia – but that was the end of it for a short time, as he learned via email.

In this, Nvidia informs the YouTuber that he will henceforth Samples for the Founder's Edition of new graphics cards will no longer be received, because he "Wouldn't see things the way we (Nvidia), gamers and the rest of the industry". What exactly happened? According to the statement from Hardware Unboxed, Nvidia punishes him because, in their eyes, he places too much focus on the classic rasterization performance of graphics cards in his reviews and topics like ray tracing and DLSS only marginally covered.

Is ray tracing really as great as everyone says? We'll tell you in the video:

When the announcement became public, other YouTube greats like JayzTwoCents and LinusTechTips to word and strongly condemned Nvidia's actionsbecause that way they would have a strong influence on the reporting. After all, other magazines and outlets would have to fear that Nvidia would no longer send them test models if the results did not meet their expectations.

U-turn at Nvidia: Shitstorm lifts the ban

A few days later, Nvidia reacted to the situation and lifted the ban on Hardware Unboxed. They apologized to the YouTuber and explained that the wording of the last mail had suffered from the “lockdown fatigue” of the author. In addition, one again asserted, that the editorial integrity of the press would be respected.

Hardware Unboxed provides a complete description of the facts in its video:

(embed) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wdAMcQgR92k (/ embed)

Hardware Unboxed accepts Nvidia's apology, but mentions that he is concerned that Nvidia will ban him again once media interest has flattened. That's for sure, Nvidia has made no friends with this campaign. It remains to be seen what the lasting consequences of the PR debacle will be for Nvidia. The graphics card manufacturer is currently struggling with completely different problems.