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If you haven't liked the graphics of Final Fantasy 16 so far, you can justifiably hope for improvement. According to producer Naoki Yoshida, the gameplay material from the first trailer is by no means at the desired level for the release version.

Just recently, Square Enix officially announced the new role-playing game Final Fantasy 16 and released a first trailer on the same occasion. The gameplay material contained therein did not tear all fans off their feet – at least not in terms of the graphics. But there is good reason to hope for improvement, because the release version of the RPG should definitely look different. The responsible producer Naoki Yoshida revealed this during a presentation during this year's Tokyo Game Show.

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Accordingly, the recently published trailer does not represent the desired graphics level of the release version of Final Fantasy 16. However, the team deliberately decided against a render trailer in order not to confuse the fans. Because of this decision, however, the team put themselves under pressure at the same time and were forced to provide gameplay material, which, however, was by no means optimized at the time. During the TGS presentation, Yoshida promised that the developers would definitely revise the graphics again before the role-playing game is released, so that you can in all probability look forward to a much nicer look.

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When exactly Final Fantasy 16 will appear is still not certain. There was already speculation about a release in 2021. But confirmation from Square Enix is ​​still pending. In the course of the next month, at least one teaser website on the role-playing game should go live, which could have one or the other detail ready.

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The final graphics of Final Fantasy 16 should look better than in the trailer. (2) (Source: Square Enix)

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