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The new League Harvest started in Path of Exile on Friday, June 19, almost breaking the record for most gamers playing at the same time. The community is enthusiastic – because the developers have also thought of the little things!

Gardening sounds like hardship, especially with the guarantee of bloodthirsty beasts with every damn crop. But for players in Path of Exile, this scenario is heavenly: in the new league of the ARPG, thousands of heroes let off steam by supplying the Holy Grove with magical plants. According to the developers, this almost broke the record set with the Delirium League: Harvest's players peaked at 97.5 percent at the same time as the Delirium League. It should be noted that the last league started when lockdowns and isolation from the corona pandemic were even stronger.

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Developers have thought of everything – players are happy

However, the players are not only fundamentally happy about a fresh league with challenges and new content, but also about how well the whole thing went – and what the developers thought of directly. While the launch was particularly smooth, with far fewer technical problems than before, many in-game comfort functions also make for fun. For example, players can plant seeds in the Wild Grove automatically plant in the area. There is also a seed chest that you can place directly in your hiding place (you can find it in decorations). This allows the plant seeds to be quickly stored between map visits.

Particularly enthusiastic players have already worked deeply into the mechanics of Harvest and researched the perfect layouts for the sacred grove and the plants there. The result is impressive from DollarAkshay – but also discourages many teammates who really only see overkill here:

How did your league start go? Do you like the harvest mechanics? What other changes do you wish for upcoming fixes?

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