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Despite several reports during the (short) beta phase of BC Classic, the values ​​of green items that are tied when creating are still far too high. At the moment, items with a healing bonus have values ​​that are too high. However, wearing these items is not worthwhile at all.

At the beginning of the BC Classic beta, players found green items with unusually high values ​​(see clip below). For example, a crossbow with +23 agility would have been best in slot for some classes like the villain in phase 1 until the end of the content. These exaggeratedly high values ​​on ordinary items were initially adjusted quickly.

In the case of the crossbow, agility has been lowered to +7, which is significantly more realistic for BC standards. However, these adjustments have brought new problems with them. Green items with bonus healing have values ​​that are too high.

WoW BC Classic: Green items still bugged - do not buy items with a healing bonus!  (1)

WoW BC Classic: Green items still bugged – do not buy items with a healing bonus! (1)

Those: wowhead.com

This offhand item, for example, drops from level 61 and has +52 bonus healing. For comparison: an epic level 70 offhand like Arans Beruhigungssaphir has +51 bonus healing. So there is something fishy here. This is just one of many examples. Other items with bonus healing even tower above the Tier 4 set.

Do not buy or use these bonus healing items!
These items are bound when they are created and can therefore be sold in the auction house. Save the gold, however! Because one thing is certain: the bug will be fixed at some point. More importantly, however, it is not worth buying even when it is bugged.

Because this Items grant you neither the displayed bonus healing value nor the normalized valuethat you should have after the hotfix. Players reportthat these items actually grant zero bonus healing, even if the value on the item / in your character window is increased.

Those: wowhead.com

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