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Obsidian Entertainment has announced when the early access phase of the grounded survival game will begin. In summer you shrink to the size of ants and then you have to defend yourself against all kinds of bugs.

The actual release of the survial game Grounded will only take place in 2021, but this summer you can experience the adventures with an early access phase.

It starts in July

On July 28, Obsidians Grounded will start the early access phase on Steam and through the Xbox Game Preview program as part of the Xbox Game Pass Ultimate. You will not only experience the game cooperatively with friends, but you can even be on your own. The title is not just a sandbox, it follows a story. In the course of this, you will find out the secret of mysterious technical systems that are scattered all over the world and must find out why you have shrunk and how you can undo this. You will receive support from the robot BURG.L.

Grounded: Story Trailer shows more of Obsidian's survival game

During the adventures you mess with insects such as beetles and spiders and collect important raw materials to use them to build equipment such as weapons or components for your shelter. From July 28th you can see how Grounded plays on PC and Xbox One in the early access phase.

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Grounded: Story trailer shows more of Obsidian's survival game

Obsidian Entertainment wants to make the wait until the early access start of the survival game Grounded a bit less. This just released story trailer should help, which explains the background story to you in more detail and brings some important gameplay aspects closer. Grounded is all about the struggle for survival in a typical suburban garden – but with a peculiarity. The players have all shrunk to the size of an ant, so they have to overcome numerous dangers and obstacles. With the help of everyday objects you can build a small base and make your own weapons. The early access launch is scheduled for July 28, 2020 on PC and Xbox One. The full version of the survival game is due to be released at an unknown date in 2021. Inside Xbox: All announcements of the current issue in the overview (1)

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