Grounded: survival game gets beta and steam demo

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With the first trailer for Grounded, the development team Obsidian Entertainment proved that survival role-playing games can also apply other nuances. Now the developers have announced on Twitter that their game will also be available as a beta and even as a free demo on Steam for a limited time.

With the announcement of Grounded 2019, the smallest survival game may have been presented – but not as you might think now. In the style of the film "Darling, I shrunk the children" from 1989, when you were a shrunken teenager, you were transported to a large garden in the game, got to know the dangerous world of insects and, above all, survived one thing!

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In order to give players an insight into the game before the release of the early access version on July 28, 2020, Obsidian Entertainment announced a limited demo and beta phase on Twitter.

The survival role-playing game is available from June 9 to June 14 as a closed beta for a selected number of players, and as a free demo on Steam. The video included below also shows many gameplay scenes from the game.

Grounded: Numerous gameplay scenes from the survival game

The closed beta will take place via the Xbox Insider system. Because the number is limited, players must register for the beta through the Xbox Insider Hub. On Steam, however, the demo will be available to all players free of charge. However, a far less extensive version of the game is to be expected than with the beta. Grounded is scheduled for release on July 28th via Steam and the Microsoft platforms. But first as an early access version. The full launch is planned for 2021.

Source: Twitter

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