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It has been known since June that GTA 5 and the associated online mode GTA Online will also accompany us on the PS5. It is the third generation of consoles that Trevor and Co. are experiencing. According to rumors, owners of the PS4 version will receive a free next-gen upgrade for the Playstation 5 coming in November. However, some doubts remain.

Rockstar has announced that the open-world game Grand Theft Auto 5 Seven years after the first release, it will also appear on the Playstation 5, not necessarily causing enthusiasm among the fans, after all, the title was released in 2013 and they have been waiting eagerly since then GTA 6. However, a new rumor could at least offer some consolation for those waiting for an official announcement from the successor. Because GTA 5 is supposed to be available at least at no additional cost to all those players who already have a PS4 version of the game.

This rumor is based on an upgrade list from the French dealer Micromaniabelonging to Gamestop. The website has a list of PS4 games that will be upgraded free of charge after the PS5 is released – provided you have a PS4 version. GTA is now 5 (buy now € 99.95 /€ 13.99 ) but disappeared from the list.

GTA 5: First trailer for implementation for PS5

Still there are doubts. Because Rockstar has so far only confirmed that it is a standalone variant of GTA Online for the PS5, which will be available for free for three months. So it sounds a bit unlikely at first that Rockstar will allow a free PS5 upgrade for all GTA-5 players on the PS4. In addition, there were no free upgrades for PS3 and Xbox 360 players for the current generation of consoles.

The complete game with the popular online mode will not appear until the second half of 2021. To sweeten the waiting time for GTA 5 for the PS5, Rockstar credits the active players of the online version with one million GTA dollars every month. Whether it will really be possible to get a free GTA-5 upgrade remains to be seen. If this is true, however, something similar would also be conceivable for Xbox One players.

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