GTA 5 Online: Casino invaded

from David Martin
Rockstar Games announces new content for GTA 5 Online. On December 12 Diamond Casino Heist will appear in the Open World action. It is the "biggest, boldest and most complex criminal operation Los Santos has ever seen". For the attack, the developers promise a "brand new approach" in terms of robbery structure and execution. How the raid of the casino in GTA 5 online runs, you'll learn in the article.

Shortly you can attack the GTA 5 Online Casino. Rockstar Games announces new content for the Open World action. As the developers announce, the Diamond Casino Heist is on the program from December 12th. The robbery is the biggest, boldest and most complex criminal operation Lost Santos has ever seen. The Objective: Enter the Diamond Vault, grab the loot, and retaliate against the Duggan family. The casino robbery follows "a brand new approach to robbery structure and execution".

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In order to infiltrate the best secured building in GTA 5 Online, you are working with the Cheng family. "The robbery covers a wide range of planning and preparation missions that affect your strategy, different approaches, ever-changing security measures, and an overwhelming amount of choice once you're inside the building," says Rockstar Games ,

During the attack, new alternatives should arise to complete the mission. If your plan fails, you still have the option to successfully complete the robbery. Among other things, you can also shoot your way out easily. Rockstar Games promises a high replay value of the mission. In order to plan the robbery, crew leaders must first acquire a discreet new venture: a retro gambling hall.

The hall is the centerpiece of plans for the casino raid in GTA 5 Online. Here you can, for example, practice hacking keypads and cracking vault doors. "And if you already own a few companies, you can buy a main control terminal to manage all the ongoing operations," the developers add. Further details will follow on the 12th of December when the robbery in GTA 5 Online is activated. (buy now for 17,85 €)

Via Rock Star Games

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