GTA 5 Online: diamonds at Casino Heist

of Maik Koch
In GTA 5 Online you are now finally grabbing diamonds during the Casino-Heist – this increases the value of the safe content properly compared to cash. Already on Thursday the new Event Week started in Grand Theft Auto Online. You will receive new bonuses, including diamonds at Casino Heist.

Finally diamonds in GTA 5 (buy now for € 39.85) Dusting online at Casino Heist: In the current event week in Grand Theft Auto Online, you are looting diamonds while robbing the casino safes. Rewards are waving the greatest possible value compared to the usual cash. While a money safe brings you $ 2,115,000, you shovel a whopping $ 3,290,000 with diamonds. The loot during Casino Heist is random. You should definitely spy on the loot during the robbery in GTA Online.

According to GTA 5 online experts via Twitter, diamonds are guaranteed in the Casino Vault if you have never received a diamond before. Grand Theft Auto 5 Online can thus earn more than 1,000,000 in-game dollars more than ordinary cash. So you should definitely play Casino Heist so you don't miss out on the money. After a successful robbery, the further chance of diamonds is probably around eight percent.

As a new car you will receive in this week GTA 5 Online by the way, the Dinka Sugoi, So grab the new racing car for future road races at Southern San Andreas Super Autos. All information about Grand Theft Auto 5 and GTA Online can be found as usual on our game topic page. GTA 5 including online mode has been available for more than six years. A Reddit user showed a self-made trailer including the development of the entire update history of the online spectacle. Do you continue to play GTA Online? Leave us a comment.

GTA 5 Online: Trailer for the new casino DLC with release date

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