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Rockstar Games has a major update for GTA 5 Online this week. Highlights include "Gerald's Last Play", which brings six new contact missions into the online world of Grand Theft Auto 5. You make sure that Gerald's drug trade and his other criminal businesses in Los Santos run smoothly. In addition, there are plenty of rewards, deals and bonuses waiting for you in GTA 5 Online this week. You also earn quick money. Where you put in the double coal, you read in the article.

Rockstar Games has a major update for GTA 5 Online this week. One of the highlights is "Gerald's Last Play". Gerald and the families have met with unwelcome resistance from rival gangs. And like every aspiring entrepreneur, Gerald is now planning his exit strategy. You help Gerald with his plans – and support him in six new contact missions. Here you can quickly earn a lot of money. By April 29, you will double bag GTA dollars and RP. You get the orders through iFruit.

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By the way: You are currently also earning a lot of money for all other contact missions in GTA 5 Online – and receiving double the amount of GTA dollars. It is also worth taking part in the open wheel races in GTA 5 Online. Winnings will be tripled by April 29th – including triple GTA dollars. A visit to the wheel of fortune in the casino lobby is also worthwhile. This week, the tuned Karin Sultan Classic in the brand's own "Karin Performance" design waves as the main prize.

You can also secure additional discounts and deals in the online world of Grand Theft Auto 5. There is a 25 percent discount on the Ocelot R88 and 70 percent discount on the armored Karin Kuruma. There are also discounts on executive offices, office adjustments, special freight warehouses and company garages. Users with a Twitch Prime account get an 80 percent discount on the Buckingham Luxor and Buckingham Luxor Deluxe. (buy now for € 67.97)

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