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Rockstar Games celebrates Christmas in GTA 5 Online. In Los Santos you will find many festively decorated areas. For example, the Diamond Casino & Resort is decorated with huge trees, holly branches and containers made of glittering tinsel. In addition, snowfall is announced for the coming days. The snow update, which has now become a tradition, should be available in GTA 5 Online today. The XMAS activities in the online part of Grand Theft Auto 5 are rounded off with a number of gifts. You can read what awaits you for Christmas in the article.

GTA 5 Online celebrates Christmas. Rockstar Games is releasing a new update with numerous XMAS activities. For example, local companies in Los Santos are festively decorated. Among other things included: the Diamond Casino & Resort, In addition, snow is predicted: the snow update that will bring the white splendor to Los Santos is expected for today. "So you can meet up with friends and plunge into a good, old, real snowball fight," says Rockstar Games. In addition, there are a number of gifts to be bagged as part of the XMAS activities.

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During the holidays, GTA 5 Online gives you free festive bodysuits, fireworks, miniguns, snacks, armor and brand new toys. "Explosive gifts are available until New Year's Eve, so check in every day to find out which new gifts are under the tree," write the developers. If you register in GTA 5 Online on December 24th, you will receive the green reindeer lights bodysuit, the fireworks launcher, 20 fireworks rockets and more. With a login on December 25th you will dust off a bigger package. This includes, among other things, a free remote-controlled Invade and Persuade tank from Warstock Cache & Carry.

A login before January 1, 2020 is enough to receive festive items of clothing: the colorful checkered pajamas and the red swirl pattern pajamas as well as the festive burger shot sweater and the green festive slaying sweater. Have a look at Legendary Motorsport: the super sports car Grotti Furia is now available. Meanwhile, new grand prizes await you on the wheel of fortune in the lobby of the GTA 5 casino. With a little luck, you can dust off the Ocelot Ardent in holly design (now) and the Vapid Clique in Merry Cliquemas design (available on Christmas Day). The current update is rounded off by various discounts on real estate and vehicles, including MC clubhouses and the Imponte Deluxo. (buy now for 17.85 €)

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