Since this week, players have been raging GTA 5 Online in the new Los Santos Tuners -Update off: The update adds an underground car scene to the game world. The developers also played ten new cars with which you can make the streets of Los Santos unsafe. Seven more vehicles are to follow in the course of the summer. The corresponding game files have been available since the update, so that only the activation by Rockstar Games is missing – and the vehicles are made playable for everyone.

A new video now shows which seven vehicles will be in GTA 5 in the coming weeks (buy now 129,99 € ) Arrive online. Players can mainly look forward to new sports cars. Also included are the Pfister Growler, Emperor Vectre, Pfister Comet S2, Übermacht Cypher and Karin Sultan RS Classic. There are also the Karin Previon Coupé and the Vapid Dominator ASP muscle car. In terms of price, the new cars start at around 1.5 million GTA dollars, as can also be seen in the video below.

It is advisable to increase your reputation level at LS Car Meet in order to receive the vehicles at the purchase price – this will save you hundreds of thousands of GTA dollars. At what time the new cars will be available at GTA 5 Online remains to be seen. However, it is possible that Rockstar Games unlocks another vehicle every week. The first of the new cars should be available on July 29th. By the way: Where are the Find music sticks for the car radio in GTA 5 Online you can find out at this link.

GTA 5 Online: These seven cars are coming soon

  • Pfister Growler (sports car)
  • Emperor Vectre (Sportwagen)
  • Pfister Comet S2 (sports car)
  • Overpowering Cypher (sports car)
  • Karin Sultan RS Classic (sports car)
  • Karin Previon (Cut)
  • Vapid Dominator (Muscle Car)

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