GTA 5 Online players will have access to a new update. The patch plays an improvement in network connectivity for PS4, Xbox One and PC. The highlight, however, is something else: The update significantly shortens the loading times of the multiplayer component of Grand Theft Auto 5. This change is based on a modder who found out how to optimize loading times. Rockstar Games took over the idea for the current patch and paid the hobby developer $ 10,000 as a reward. The first reports are now circulating on the Internet that highlight the difference in loading times.

As reported by GTA Series Videos on Twitter, the loading time at the start of GTA 5 is (buy now € 149.99 ) Online now only 1:56 minutes. If you start GTA 5 Online from single player mode, the launch will only take a little more than half a minute. Compared to before, a major difference: Before the patch, players were sometimes stuck in the loading screen for more than ten minutes before they could actually enter the GTA 5 Online session.

In this regard, the update made a significant improvement in the PC version. As usual, we will keep you up to date in our news area. There you will also find details about the weekly updates Rockstar Games is bringing to Grand Theft Auto 5 Online. In the course of the year, a technically improved version for PS5 and Xbox Series X will also appear.

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