GTA 5 has had a lot of criticism since its release, but the game is still bought worldwide. If a US state has its way, that should change.

GTA 5 - Grand Theft Auto V.

Does GTA 5 turn players into real criminals?

It's not the first time people have tried to ban or censor games like Grand Theft Auto for allegedly having a bad influence on people. A US MP is now blaming the game for car thefts in Chicago.

As the Chicago Sun-Times reports, Rep. Marcus Evan Jr. has filed a motion to amend an existing law that bans certain games from being sold to minors. He wants to ensure that video games like GTA 5 can cause "psychological damage", may no longer be given out to anyoneregardless of age.

GTA Online offers a platform for many roleplay fans:

GTA 5: Studies show the opposite

In recent years, many have dealt with the topic of video games and violence, and several long-term studies are now available. The GIGA editorial team has also followed studies that prove that violence has nothing to do with GTA 5 and similar games. In one study, the researchers examined the long-term effects of violent video games. The result: No participant showed an increased potential for aggression after playing GTA 5.

Fans have a clear opinion on how the successor to GTA 6 should be:

Just recently another study was published that even looked at this topic for 10 years. Groups of children and adolescents were observed, some of which were just ten years old at the start of the study. The title of the study is translated as "Growing up with Grand Theft Auto: A ten-year history study of violent video games in adolescence". It provided evidence that adolescents and children who consume violent video games later in life no more aggressive behavior than those who spent little to no hours playing games like GTA 5.

Whether the MP will get away with his call to ban GTA 5 in Chicago remains to be seen. GIGA keeps you up to date!

  • By the way: GTA 5 is also available for the PlayStation 4.

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