There are many speculations about GTA 6, no wonder, because fans are eagerly waiting for the new part. A change in the official domain of the game now allows new assumptions. Are these the necessary preparations for an announcement?

GTA 6: Will the official website go online soon?

Every step of Rockstar Games is closely watched by the fans. It is always hoped for an announcement about Grand Theft Auto 6. An update of the GTA 6 domain could now be an indication of this.

So far it was the case that if you typed in your web browser, you went to the website of Rockstar Games was forwarded. However, this forwarding is no longer active. If you want to visit the domain, an error appears with the message that the website is not accessible.

This usually happens before a new homepage goes online that was previously redirected. Could this mean that Rockstar Games is making all the preparations for the announcement?

This is not certain, after all, it could just be general maintenance work or a technical error. If this is not the case, we will soon be able to look forward to official news about GTA 6.

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What do you think of upgrading the domain to Grand Theft Auto 6? Will there be an anticipated announcement soon? Please write us your assessment in the comment area.