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That Rockstar Games is already working hard on GTA 6 seems to be a done deal. However, the developers are still holding back on details. There are numerous fan theories and speculations about Grand Theft Auto 6. Now fans want to have found a clue to the scene. The supposed details are provided by the recently released Open Wheel DLC for GTA 5 Online. The Height of Society racetrack thus introduced provides an indication that GTA 6 is playing in Vice City and South American cities. There is no release date for GTA 6 yet.

In which city does GTA 6 play? Rockstar Games continues to hold details of the new action adventure. An announcement on the part of the developers is also a long time coming. Theories and speculations around Grand Theft Auto 6, however, circulate regularly through the Internet – and fuel the rumor mill properly. Current speculations revolve around the possible location of the potential GTA 5 successor. This time fans want to have discovered potential clues in the recently released Open Wheel DLC for GTA Online.

Fans are of the opinion that the new Height of Society racetrack looks similar to parts of North America, Florida and Mexico. Players see a reference to the possible location of GTA 6 (buy now). According to fan theories, the surroundings of the track indicate that Grand Theft Auto 6 could play in Vice City and South American cities. We have included an image below. Travel to GTA: Vice City made players unsure of the metropolis based on Florida in Miami.

That it's in a possible GTA 6 among other things back to Vice City has been part of the rumor mill for a long time. In July 2019, we reported an alleged leak that mentioned the Narcos TV series as a source of inspiration for the next Grand Theft Auto. In December 2019, there was again an alleged reference to the location of GTA 6 in one Casino Heist teaser in GTA Online. It remains to be seen whether the rumors are true. It is also unclear whether Rockstar Games intentionally wanted to provide a reference to the location of GTA 6 with the track design mentioned – or whether it was just a coincidence.

GTA 5: Trailer for the nightclub DLC "After Hours"

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GTA 6: According to rumors, the unveiling may already be at the end of March

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GTA 6: Release "at best in late 2021" – former rock star producer

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GTA 6: Development confirmed by Rockstar's tax return

It is certain that GTA 6 will appear at some point. However, it should now be clear that work on the game is already in full swing.

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