GTA 6: New rumors speak of a smaller game that is constantly being expanded

from Andreas Bertits
Kotakus Jason Schreier reports that, according to his information, GTA 6 is in an early stage of development and should launch as a smaller game that Rockstar Games is expanding and expanding over time.

The reports from Kotaku's author Jason Schreier should always be followed carefully, because he has previously proven that he was right based on a lot of inside information. Whether that too GTA 6 the case cannot be said. However, the new information sounds interesting.

GTA 6 as a smaller game

Jason Schreier does not call the game GTA 6 (buy now)but as the "next title in the Grand Theft Auto brand". According to him, the game is still in a very early stage of development, which is why the plans can change a lot. A release seems to be a long way off. The plans currently provide that Rockstar Games will not release a huge game this time, but a smaller one. This should reduce the workload and crunch. GTA 6 will then be expanded through constant updates. It is unclear whether this only applies to online mode or also to the single player part.

Jason Schreier states that even a smaller Rockstar game may still be larger than some titles from other developer studios. However, it is not yet clear whether the developers are sticking to this plan or whether it will change over time.

According to Jason Schreier, this plan came about because Rockstar Games is changing. Management wants to create better working conditions for employees and pay more attention to their health. According to Schreier, employees at the developer studio have already reported improvements. The situation is slowly but steadily increasing. Such changes don't happen overnight, but they appear to happen.

Source: Kotaku

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