Fans of Rockstar Games are still waiting patiently for the first official information about GTA 6. The fact that the successor is now in development should be undisputed after the massive success of GTA 5. In the past few months, alleged leaks from people who claim to have the first details about the open world title have appeared again and again.

But nothing has been confirmed yet. Now some rumors are making the rounds again on the Internet, which stem from a question and answer session with a leaker in the 4Chan forum. The corresponding post was taken offline again, but in Reddit forum a user has collected the alleged information about GTA 6. Accordingly, Rockstar Games is currently targeting October 2023 as a release. The story revolves around a male protagonist whose name is supposed to be a spoiler for the story. The narrative of the title takes place in chapters – similar to Red Dead Redemption 2.

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According to the leak, the locations of GTA 6 are Florida and Miami. The map should not be quite the size of Red Dead Redemption 2, but it should be much more densely populated. GTA Online won't be added until a few months after its release. Before GTA 6, Rockstar Games is said to be releasing a remaster of Red Dead Redemption. A next-gen update for Part 2 is also said to be in the works. As usual, however, you should enjoy this information with the utmost caution. You can find more leaks in the post in the Reddit forum. GTA 5 and GTA Online will also be available for PS5 and Xbox Series X / S in 2021.

Source: Reddit

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