There is so much you can and want to buy in GTA Online. But with some purchases you just think: “Why the hell did I just buy THAT ?!” We asked our community which purchases they regret most in GTA Online. That’s them.

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GTA Online Shopping Frenzy: I bought this because … um … to have it?

Millions of self-proclaimed gangsters have been fighting for wealth and power in GTA Online since 2013. Since then, many in-game dollars have been earned and spent. Some players will still be able to proudly remember when they could afford their first tank – or their first luxury apartment. Or their first rocket launcher to finally get back at all griefers.

But there are also objects that you find years later in your warehouses and think: “What was it that rode me there?” It is precisely these objects that are at stake today. Which bad purchases do you regret most in GTA Online? Our community has unpacked the bare facts. Who knows, maybe you’ll see yourself in one or the other player.

Facebook user Noel Erbert writes: “I regret a lot. Because I have the whole Maze Bank Tower full of cars that are driven every few years, and more. “

Facebook user Obi Endi writes: “The arena was stuff. Never played something so boring and corrosive. “

Facebook user Fabi Abel writes: “Ruiner 2000, almost 6 million for a parachute and 20 lousy rockets.”

Facebook user Alexander Meschnig writes: “The constant casino visits to the slot machines.”

Facebook user Stefan Zick writes: “Over a million for the harbor tug. Why I bought it is a mystery to me. “

Facebook user Vincent Kaltenbach writes: “To have bought Shark cards for € 100. Please don’t ask. Thanks.”

But we had to ask because we couldn’t help it.

“As you were back then as a 14-year-old boy, I used my freshly earned pocket money for an offer from Rockstar Games. That was a 100% deposit bonus. In other words, if I bought a GTA $ 3 million card, I got $ 6 million. And so it came about that I spent around € 93 on Shark cards. Was about 16 million GTA dollars plus deposit bonus another 16 million. Makes a total of 32 million GTA dollars. A purchase that I regret on the one hand and somehow celebrated on the other. “

Facebook user Phillip Raschke writes: “Definitely the yacht, apart from looking good, it can’t do anything.”

Facebook user Dominic Artega writes: “To be honest, I would also name the yacht 😂 at the beginning everyone wanted to have it and of course make it as pretty as possible with all the bells and whistles, gold there, helicopter loading bay there, but at some point you will be there .. … have I really spent 7-12 million on this thing now? But hey, I can change location for 15000k. “

Facebook user Fabian Giese writes: “Having bought the game at all.”

Facebook user Sani Black writes: “I regret buying GTA 5!”

Facebook user Richi Johnson writes: “To have bought the game for the third time after it was first released for PS3, then for PS4 and then for PC. If only it wasn’t so much fun online. “