Rockstar Games has released the weekly update for GTA Online. In the next few days, players in Los Santos will again have the opportunity to collect triple rewards in selected game modes. For Valentine's Day at the end of the week, the developers have this time decided on special modes in the multiplayer offshoot of GTA 5.

Accordingly, all players in "Shotgun Wedding" and "Till Death Do Us Part" can look forward to three times the amount of RP and GTA $. In the second game mode, the participants compete against each other in groups of two in a game of Last Man Standing. The catch is that a team of 2 only has one life. So if your partner falls in the battle, the game round ends for you too. Double the rewards for DJ assignments this week. In general, you should take a look at the nightlife.

GTA 5: First trailer for implementation for PS5

All night clubs can be purchased in the next few days with a 40 percent discount. Renovations are 30 percent cheaper. The drinks at the bars this week are entirely on the account of Rockstar Games. Of course, numerous vehicles have also been reduced in price. The choice this time around is more luxurious models. You can find a list with all offers at the end of the message. This week, visitors to the casino can win the Vapid Dominator GTX as the main prize. GTA 5 and GTA Online will also be released for the new next-gen consoles this year.

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A lot of money can be made quickly in GTA 5 Online this week too. In the article you can read the information about deals and rewards.

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