When the remastered collection Grand Theft Auto: The Trilogy – The Definitive Edition hit the market almost two weeks ago, you could have one in the world collected scream of anger, incomprehension and disappointment hear. Because not only the testers desperate with the three technical failures, especially the players, of course, were left behind.

Many fans trusted the Rockstar developer studio because of past successes and because it was before the release date no review copies game journalists could not advise against buying. Meanwhile it has Rock star apologizes and admitted that the games shouldn’t have been published like this. Of the latest patch irons out at least a good part of the wrinkles.

Was steckt in Patch 1.03 für Grand Theft Auto: The Trilogy – The Definitive Edition?

The new update is appeared fresh today and of course on all platforms. The list of bug fixes is really, really long: More than 100 problems in the three games the patch is supposed to solve. Anyone who has played the games or read our review will suspect that the trilogy is still far from flawless.

But Rockstar has to start somewhere and so the patch 1.03 rushes to the considerable amount of optical errors, which are mainly caused by retrospect unchecked upscaling originated. The mother with Tuff Nuts Donut Shop in San Andreas, for example, it really looks like a mother and no longer like an iron donut.

The sky has also been made more realistic with a new cloud cover so that you can no longer see the entire map at a great height. Of course, the update still includes tons of other bug fixes, including crashes, misspellings and camera problems. You can find the full list of all patch notes at this point.

By the way, a fan is so fed up with the screwed up remasters that he is now on his own remake of GTA: San Andreas tinkering. You can see here how well he is making progress and how his results so far are doing so far.

Those: Rockstar

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