Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy will be a true single-player adventure. At a preview event, representatives of the press were allowed to play the game by developer Eidos Montreal.

No DLCs, no microtransactions and no multiplayer – Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy is now a real rarity, especially in the AAA segment, with its single player existence. I was allowed to see how the action adventure plays out at a preview event and, of course, slip into Star-Lord’s rocket boots myself.

Important NOTE: It was a remote play session so the game was streamed to my PC. This makes it difficult to make statements about performance and graphics, and it wasn’t the final version of the game yet and a few graphical effects were still missing.

The Milano: the home of the Guardians

The preview event covered the fifth chapter of the game, which roughly the end of the first third marked. The Guardians are currently on their spaceship, the Milano. As Peter Quill alias Star-Lord you can move freely on the ship, talk to the other Guardians, Rockets Use workbench or look at the objects that are scattered around the ship.

If you look at an object, follow it surprisingly long conversatione with one of the Guardians. This is how you can learn more about their past. While you are on the ship, all Guardians have conversations with each other without your intervention – mostly they complain about how it should be for a family.

At the Milano you can either discuss the situation with all Guardians or talk to your companions individually. (Image source: Square Enix)

You can also find them at the Milano a music system, with which you can fill the entire ship with sound, which the crew likes more or less. Among the songs are of course the hymns of the 80s and an album by the band Star-Lord, which Peter knows from his childhood and was the inspiration for his name in the game. The album was produced just for the game.

Since we ourselves in the middle of the story First of all, let me just say this much: The Guardians are on the way to the Nova Corps base “The Rock”, where they want to pay a fine. But, as always, things are not really going according to plan.

On a mission with the Guardians

When you arrive at the Nova Corps base, your ship will first be confiscated, a fact that especially makes Rocket angry. This is where one of the gameplay features comes into play. Because there is the possibility in such moments to hold optional talks with the Guardians. In this example, you can calm Rocket down or mess with him a little.

These decisions are intended to manifest themselves, sometimes sooner and sometimes later, as changes in the course of the story. The game faces you again and again before making decisions when interacting with your companions or the game worldwhich then have small or large consequences.

There is a little story bite in the latest trailer:

Puzzles and crafts

As already mentioned, you will find a workbench at the Milano. But you can also find them during the missions. You can use them Upgrade Peter’s equipment, You can find the materials for this in the game world. The level structure of the Nova Corps base is quite linear, one or the other adjoining room is already there and looking for Crafting-Materialien shouldn’t skip them.

Rocket then tinkers with improvements for your blasters or rocket boots on the workbenches. You can increase your maximum health or improve the speed at which your shields charge. This special “Perks” are only available for Star-Lord and not for the other Guardians.

The Nova Corps base also holds up a little switch puzzle ready for you. You have to redirect energy to a locked door by switching nodes. There is also the possibility of finding an optional side room here.

Find out what else is going on in the Marvel Universe here:

You fight as a team … mostly

In the fights you control – as in the whole game – only Star-Lord. You work on opponents from a distance and thanks to the rocket boots also from the air with your blasters. You can also dodge quickly and, if necessary, strike in close combat. In addition to a normal fire mode, your weapons also have one Elementary-Feuermodus. Only ice was available at the event, but the HUD reveals that there must be three other elements.

After the fights you get according to your performance experience points, with which you can then unlock new skills. Each Guardian can have up to four of them and you as the Star-Lord are in control of when and where your companions use them. At the push of a button, the time slows down briefly and you can first select the Guardian and then the ability to be used with the targeted target via a menu.

Without your companions, you have no chance as a Star-Lord. (Image source: Square Enix)

You should think carefully about the choice of skills, because there are combinations that are very or hardly useful. Not just the Guardians, but also you are allowed to use the environment in battle. Drax, for example, throws explosive barrels at your opponents.

An important tool in combat is that Huddle. As you fight, your huddle gauge will fill up. If this is full, you can briefly call your team together. Depending on the mood in the team, you have to choose the right words to describe one Team-Boost to activate. If your motivational speech is successful, the Guardians attack with new power and all cooldowns are accelerated, if you fail, the boost only affects Star-Lord.

My preliminary conclusion on Guardians of the Galaxy

I was initially pleasantly surprised by that Length and depth of the discussions with the Guardians on the Milano. The same applies to the discussions in the group, the topic of “dysfunctional family” is implemented very credibly. The Guardians can’t really get along with each other, but definitely not without each other. The German synchro is really coherent and I just wanted to talk to my companions and learn more about their past.

If you only know the history of the MCU, you will even experience significantly different Guardians here. The ship is full of details. Since you can obviously find objects during the missions that trigger dialogues, I believe that there is motivation throughout the game to look around the ship regularly.

When I first introduced the game, I was very impressed by Guardians of the Galaxy:

The fights play out very dynamically, even if it’s at the beginning it was difficult to keep track of things. The battles were even on the “normal” level of difficulty quite demanding, but not unfair. The interaction with the other Guardians works well and it also looks pretty cool to take out an opponent with a team attack, even if it’s just a quick time event.

If you are in the mood for a single-player adventure and are a fan of the Guardians of the Galaxy, this game should definitely be on the list. The gameplay is fun, the characters work well together, if the story fits, Guardians of the Galaxy could be a really good game. I even have the hope that the decisions during the game will be part of the whole real replayability can give.

Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy soll am October 26, 2021 for PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X | S, Xbox One and PC.