Guild Wars 2: April Fool's Day in GW2

from Matthias Brückle
On April 1st, especially giant cats in Guild Wars 2 caused big eyes, but there was even more to be astonished in the patch notes of the day: leash for pets, more romance for Asura and a gold limit for dealer NPCs ?!

April 1, 2020 once again offered many developers the opportunity to have some fun in their respective games. Arenanet's Guild Wars 2 was no exception. In game, Tyria's residents were able to enjoy the gift of the King of Cats, who showed them the hidden world of the giant cats with an elixir: In the capital cities, they stared motionlessly at mere mortals.

But the patch notes were also not safe from the mess: The changes from April 1 are of course just a joke, but they offer a lot of fun while reading. For example, what do you think of minis sorted by cuteness? Or concert tickets for the Metal Legion event? We are a big fan of the ranger skill "Positive Empowerment", which you can use to scratch animal companions.

Guild Wars 2: April 1 Patch Notes

Living world

  • The Sunbeam Throne is addressed to the heroes of Tyria! The commander has received an enigmatic letter in an unknown language. What dangerous, albeit entirely optional, distractions await our heroes during the week of April 1-7?

A different cat was seen in GW2 in each capital on April 1, 2020. Made possible by the elixir of the king of cats!

A different cat was seen in GW2 in each capital on April 1, 2020. Made possible by the elixir of the king of cats!

Source: Buffed

World finishing touches

  • Due to the increased popularity, tickets are now required to attend "Metal Legion" concerts. Tickets can be purchased from the Blood Legion Supply Officer and are available one month in advance.


  • The names of bosses in the open world are now supplemented with the additions "the second", "junior" etc. when the bosses reappear. This is to make it clear that enemies do not magically arise.
  • Merchants now have a daily gold limit for buying items.

Personal story

  • Home instance NPCs are now complaining that you never call or visit them.
  • Missing dialog lines in the romantic options for Asura, Norn and Quaggan have been corrected.
  • Norn characters can now choose Jormag as their "Spirit of the Wild" Guardian when creating characters.

New items

  • Minis can now be sorted by cuteness in the hero overview.
  • Mostly digested boots can now be consumed.

Class skills


  • All classes now have unique responsiveness that appears for a split second at certain events.
    • The time window in which the ability to respond can be clicked decreases with the age of the account, since the old hands among you should now be really good at the game.
  • The "Provoke" state now continues until the players enter a response in the chat box.


  • Responsiveness: Surprise Attunement can now be used to complete certain event goals in the open world, such as irrigating fields, partying, and keeping cows entertained.
  • Weavers can now switch from tailoring to a second craft outside of combat.


  • Responsiveness: "Engineer's Solution" can be used to solve math problems, correct incorrect designs, or solve various problems that occur near engineers.
  • Metal scrap is now required to use engineering skills that create or use mechanical tools. Some opponents drop metal scrap when they are defeated.


  • Responsiveness: With Virtue of Prudence, players can automatically choose the most morally acceptable option in dialogues.
  • The "Dragon Hunter" specialization has been renamed "It's Complicated", which fits better with the history of the Living World.
  • In order to avoid complaints about pollution, tome skills of agitators must now be collected page by page before being used again.


  • Reactivity: "It was all just an illusion" can be used to restart the current story chapter and to amaze other characters at your gimmick.
  • Attempting to use a Shatter skill without any illusions will now smash a random character on the current map. It prefers unnamed and non-player characters.


  • Responsiveness: "Quick Resurrection" can be used to revive dead characters from history if players find the body within a chapter after the character's death.
  • Characters in the open world and in PvP now react with horror when they see companions of necromancers.


  • Responsiveness: "Positive reinforcement" can be used by players to praise their pet if they behave well. Players scratch their companion's ears (or whatever can be scratched on animals such as jellyfish or similar).
  • Animal companions must be kept on a leash in large cities.


  • Responsiveness: Using the "Legendary Commander" stance, players can now attune to their own legendary deeds. They are frozen if there are no engineers in their vicinity who break this loop with their ability to react.
  • The legends of returnees were provided with dialogues that they lead among themselves when they are replaced. The dialogues depend on the legends that are changed.


  • Responsiveness: Pickpocket can now be used to steal smaller items from other characters and players.
  • Steal: Free space in inventory is now required to use this skill.


  • Responsiveness: The "Two Weapons" skill now allows players to use up to two warriors as weapons at the same time.
  • Berserk armor penalty increased to -3,000.

Structured player against player

  • After the success of the Swiss tournaments, we will gradually introduce tournaments in other regions of the world.

World against world

  • Matches are now held between two servers. A third server provides impartial observers and judges during the match.


  • Revenant – Blind Shot: The longbow range has been increased from 1,200 to 2,400.
  • Jormag is now head of the consortium's next marketing campaign.
  • The "Flying Carpet" toy and the "Flying Carpet" paraglider can now be worn as a cape.
  • The new category "Fragrances" has been added to the gem shop. The first item available is "Ryland – the scent that turns Charr ladies into wild beasts".
  • A new potion for Sylvari characters is available. The Life Enhancement Potion turns you into a green smoothie for five minutes, grants you additional life, and deals heavy damage to your opponents.
  • A new playable vision has been added to the spy pool. Plays Rytlock's eventful love life as a young Crecia.
  • The band "Metal Legion" has announced their upcoming holiday album. It is entitled "Winter day classics of the chestnut legion for cozy nights around the campfire".

Which of these changes did you find particularly funny? What would you actually want to have in the game? Write to us in the comments!

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