Since May 26, we have been part of the Charr Civil War in the Drieselwald Coast area in Guild Wars 2. In addition to big battles, a gripping story and picturesque surroundings, there are also many collections to be dealt with. The new Sturmrufer weapon set is particularly impressive. The elegant war tools with lightning animation are a real feast for the eyes!

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How do I get the Stormcaller weapons in GW2?

Stormcaller weapons do not drop as a direct loot. Instead, as with the Boreal weapons from the Bjora swamps, you have to get the recipes for crafting. You unlock these recipes via new achievements of the episode No Mercy. If you advance the success "Glory of the Ashes Legion", you can choose the recipes for dagger, shortbow, pistol or sword. Don't worry, in-game you can check which success brings you which weapons before working through this success (which works similar to a reward path from WvW and PvP). Here you have the concrete overview:

  • Glory of the Ashes Legion: Recipes for dagger, short bow, pistol and sword
  • Glory of the Flame Legion: Focus, scepter, wand, torch
  • Glory of the Iron Legion: Hammer, mace, rifle, shield
  • Glory of the Blood Legion: Recipes for ax, greatsword, longbow, war horn

What do Stumrufer weapons look like?

The storm caller set shines with a high resolution and a cool lightning effect that the swords, sticks, torches, bows etc. do not have when stowed. As soon as you pull out the guns, the gun starts spattering on some part. The "Railgun" look, which the pistol and the rifle have, is a special eye-catcher. Swords have this too and are refreshingly slim compared to the chunky boreal weapons of the previous episodes. But enough phony – check it out for yourself!

The ax of the stormcaller set from Guild Wars 2. (Source: buffed)

What do Stormcaller weapons cost?

Building weapons is of course not in vain, so there is still information here about which materials you need for the Sturmrufer weapons. Let's take that as an example Stumrufer staffMany classes can use:

  • 10 Loaded magnetic stone
  • 1 charged quartz crystal
  • 5 Ornate totem
  • 5 ectoplasm ball
  • 40 orichalcum bars
  • 16 Antique wooden plank
  • 75 gauze bales

The cost of an off-hand weapon such as a torch or focus is about the same – you are currently paying no more than 15 gold for the materials. As always, help you calculate what you should build and what you should buy the practical tool gw2efficiency.

Always pick up Stormcaller weapons!

In the game, the developers have already installed a warning in the weapons, but we'd rather tell you: The item description makes it clear that these weapons (similar to the Boreal set) will have a visually more splendid level in the future for which the basic model is necessary as an ingredient. So don't just disassemble the weapons to get the materials.

Have fun building!