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The fourth beta event for Guild Wars 2: End of Dragons is live. There is more content in this than ever before: The developers not only make all elite specializations of Guild Wars 2 End of Dragons playable, but also the new co-op mount Siege Turtle!

Update from November 30th, 2021 at 6:17 p.m .:

The fourth Guild Wars 2 End of Dragons Beta Event is now live! Check out the co-op mount Siege Turtle and try out all of the new elite specializations for the nine classes in the MMORPG.

Original from 11/30/2021 at 2:00 p.m .: The fourth beta event for Guild Wars 2: End of Dragons starts on the evening of November 30th, 2021 – so today! After we were only allowed to try three elite specs in the previous test periods, this time all nine elite specs from End of Dragons are available. Even if you’ve already tried them out in one of the previous beta events, it’s worth checking out. Because the developers have a lot Implemented beta feedback from players and made some changes.

Also new in Guild Wars 2: After seven years, GW2 has new hairstyles and faces!

Guild Wars 2: The New End of Dragons Elite Specs in the Trailer

More on the subject: All End of Dragons elite specs at a glance

New mount from End of Dragons playable for the first time

The Siege Turtle co-op mount will also be playable for the first time. This mount is a real premiere in GW2, because it can transport two players at the same time! So play taxi, take down opponents with jade cannons as a co-pilot or just explore the world with a friend – the new mount will make it possible. We have already summarized for you what special capabilities the new EoD mount has.

Guild Wars 2: Co-op Mount Siege Turtle Gameplay Trailer

How long is the fourth End of Dragons Beta Event?

The beta with all elite specs and the new mount from Guild Wars 2 (buy now € 49.95) End of Dragons dauert from November 30th, 2021 to December 4th. The starting shot will probably be given at 5 or 6 p.m., as was the case with patches in the past.

How do beta characters work?

If you log in during the event, you will find three character slots in the character selection menu that are available for elite specs. You use this to create beta characters that are directly at level 80 and fully equipped. These are subject to a few (logical) restrictions:

  • They are only available temporarily and disappear again after the event.
  • The game progress of a beta character is not saved. “As soon as it disappears into the mists again, all information that was recorded on your account while you were playing it will also disappear.” (via Arenanet)
  • The beta characters have access to the existing content such as the open world, instances (dungeons, fractals & Co), PvP or WvW.

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