Guild Wars 2: Roadmap through May 2021

from Matthias Brückle
A new roadmap from Arenanet reveals the studio's plans for Guild Wars 2 until May 2021. The main focus is on the finale of the Eisbrut saga, which will take place over several episodes under the name "Champions".

In Guild Wars 2, the current season of the Living World (the story between expansions) bears the name Eisbrut Saga, but it now has an addition: "The Eisbrut Saga: Champions" represents a staggered finale for, according to a new roadmap from Arenanet the saga. It starts in November 2020, Chapter 1: Armistice. The story should come to an end by May 2021:

The roadmap for GW2 up to May 2021 promises the usual festivals and the chapters of the Eisbrut saga: Champions.

The roadmap for GW2 up to May 2021 promises the usual festivals and the chapters of the Eisbrut saga: Champions.

Source: Arenanet

GW2 roadmap and expansion – when is the End of Dragons coming?

Aside from festivals, there are still four new releases waiting for us to leave the Eisbrut saga behind. And then what? Many players ask themselves this question. Because the third expansion End of Dragons was recently announced for 2021. Accordingly, we can now assume a release from summer – although the developers have so far been absolutely silent about when exactly we will leave for Cantha.

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What can we expect from the new GW2 Living World content?

What does Icebrood Saga: Champions have to offer? in the official blog of GW2 there is already first information about the upcoming content of the Living World. A new area is not mentioned anywhere, but the developers have already announced the continuation of the story (duh!), New controls, "repeatable game content" as well as rewards and successes.

What are kite aid missions? As part of so-called dragon aid missions, we will fend off invasions by dragon servants. That will be in a group of five players or alternatively doable alone be. In the end, "mighty Champion Dragons" are waiting for you as the final boss! Each release of the Icebrood Saga: Champions will bring a new Dragon Aid mission.

At some point you can even count on allies from "known and unexpected" factions to reinforce your dragon aid missions. It is important to secure their support beforehand with global events in which their supporters of these factions train, gather fellow campaigners and gain their trust.

Scoring for episodes comes in November

On November 17th, the episodes will finally be received "No mercy" and "Jormag's Awakening" setting for all characters. Due to protective measures against Covid-19, the voice actors for Guild Wars 2 (buy now € 39.95 ) not doing their job. Now it is possible to do this from home, which is why the new fractal also has synchronization.

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