Guild Wars gets 15th Anniversary skills!

On April 28, 2005, many Guild Wars players embarked on a special journey: Guild Wars, the predecessor of GW2, started on that day. At that time, the online role-playing game attracted gamers with a refreshingly different MMO concept and still excites a community of gamers today. The developers know that, which is why they came up with something special for the 15th anniversary: ​​new skills!

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How do I get the new skills in Guild Wars?

As soon as the anniversary update is live (around 6 p.m. in Germany on April 22), you can in the area of ​​Aufbruch Beach go to the anniversary gunsmith. This not only sells you special anniversary weapons, but also fetch so-called "evidence of triumph".

"If you wear this relic, an additional group of opponents and a boss will appear on four cards later in the game. Fight your way through them and bring along a seal of loot to get a new PvE Elite skill for each class . ", it says in the official description – In total, we can look forward to ten new skills, spread across the classes of the game.

Are there new skills in GW1 only during anniversary?

If you miss the anniversary celebrations that start on April 22nd and continue until April 28th, you won't miss the new elite skills: the proof of triumph will still work afterwards.
The last time was Guild Wars (buy now)By the way, getting new skills when the final expansion Eye of the North was released – that was in August 2007.

GW1 developers talk about making Guild Wars

On the anniversary itself, April 28th, there is an official stream over the Guild Wars 2 channel, in which the original Guild Wars 1 creators will chat out of the box – so mark the day red in the calendar if you want to know more want to know how GW1 came about!

Gift for Guild Wars 2 players

At the same time, Guild Wars 2 players can also look forward to a free thing: Everyone can get a freeHairdressing kit pick up, with which you can adjust the hair color, hairstyle, beard, horns or Sylvari ears.

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