The recently released fighting game Guilty-Gear-Strive is currently very popular with fans of the genre. On Steam 87% of the approximately 5,200 user reviews are currently positive. Not only does the title play well, it also looks damn pretty. Strive may not have the highest requirements to run smoothly, but a few stage assets still caused problems. In a new update, the developers Arc System Works have made a few improvements to the L’Oro Di Illyria stage so that it should now run a little smoother. For players who still have problems playing the title smoothly, the modder FGCdraft now has a solution. With his “Potato-Low-Spec-Mod” he has transformed the pretty anime graphics into a pixel look.

Guilty-Gear-Strive now runs in a resolution of 640×400, with 25% resolution scale and all graphics options on low. Furthermore, FGCdraft has increased the performance by removing some stage assets. The cut scene of the eagle, which can be seen at the start of every match, has also been removed. Finally he removed the portraits of the characters in order to finally reach 60 FPS.

As a result, Guilty Gear Strive looks almost like a title for the Gameboy Advance, which definitely has its own charm. A download link and instructions for installation can be found in the video description. If you haven’t got the new fighting game title working yet, this mod might be interesting for you.

The new update 1.03, which improved the L’Oro Di Illyria stage, also brought a few bug fixes for the online mode. It should now be possible to find a private room using a search ID to play with friends. This didn’t work when the title was released, which has caused frustration for many players. It is not yet known when Arc System Works will improve the extremely long loading times when starting the title.

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