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CD Projekt thanked its long-time employees with gifts a few days ago. The highlight was a signed guitar by actor Keanu Reeves. The guitar was a replica of the digital model by Johnny Silverhand from Cyberpunk 2077, which is embodied in the game by Keanu Reeves. But the other gifts from CD Projekt are also really impressive.

CD Projekt has given its long-time employees some special gifts this week for their loyalty in recent years. The company has been active in the industry since 1994. But above all thanks to the release of The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt and the upcoming Cyberpunk 2077, the team has become one of the most famous studios in the world.

The creators shared some pictures of the gifts on Twitter. These went specifically to employees who have been with CD Projekt for 5, 10, 15, 20 and even 25 years. The highlights include a replica of the guitar by Johnny Silverhand from Cyberpunk 2077, which was even personally signed by actor Keanu Reeves. There is even the abbreviation "J.S." under the autograph to see for Johnny Silverhand. We have included the tweet below.

The other gifts are a cyberpunk jacket, a specially made case and another exclusive guitar with the CD Projekt logo, which went to all employees for their 20th anniversary. After the announcement of Cyberpunk 2077 in May 2012, fans can look forward to the long-awaited release in a few months. In our preview we have already taken a detailed look at the title. As of April 16, 2020, the game will be commercially available for PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Google Stadia.

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