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The free expansion pack "Master Mirror" for the Witcher card game Gwent was released on July 30th. It contains 70 new cards and deals with a particularly dubious figure from the Witcher universe – the mysterious mirror master Gaunter O'Dim. What new features does the package offer?

The new expansion pack "Master Mirror" is the fifth game expansion from Gwent and offers players a total of 70 completely new cards. The whole pack somehow revolves around the devilish Witcher character Gaunter O'Dim, also called Spiegelmeister. This should be enough for fans, among other things Hearts of Stone an expansion to Witcher 3 – Wild Hunt, in which he appears as a mysterious and powerful wish fulfiller who can be both friend and foe.

The new expansion pack is just as mysterious as Gaunter himself, because it contains six legendary cards, so-called "Evolving Cards", which belong to one of the six different factions of the card game and can change their skills and appearance in the course of a fight. In addition to the Mirror Master, "Master Mirror" brings many well-known characters from the Witcher world back to life in card form and also brings new status effects and skills to the virtual game table. The expansion also includes eleven new, non-attached cards that can be used strategically in all factions. Newcomers will find Gwent's gameplay here explained again in detail.

The trailer for the apartment rental not only gives a foretaste of the mysterious character of the card set, but also surprises the Witcher fans with interesting hints about the important role of Gaunter O'Dim as a secret mastermind in the Witcher world: "Our fate is in his hands "is under the teaser. In addition to the official trailer of the expansion pack, there are also spotlight videos on YouTube, in which you can get to know the six legendary cards of the set in more detail. It presents the artwork of the characters as well as their skills and background stories.

"Master Mirror" is available free of charge for PC, iOS and Android. The date for PS4 and Xbox One is not yet known.

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