Hackers create in-game NPCs

from Andreas Bertits
NPCs actually only come into the online game Fallout 76 with the Wastelanders update. But hackers have found a way to insert non-player characters now – but this is criticized.

Player of Bethesdas Fallout 76 are looking forward to the Wastelanders update, which will be released in 2020 for the online game. Because this brings NPCs into play. However, hackers have now found a way to create non-player characters now.

NPCs get involved in the game

Using a script, it is possible to do many things in Fallout 76 (buy now for 39.44 €) to appear. Including zeppelins, items and also NPCs. That sounds funny, but meets with criticism. Because the NPCs are not standing around doing nothing. They defend the player, chase enemies and change the balance in the game – especially in Battle Royale mode.

The NPCs have now caused the players to ask Bethesda to finally take proper anti-cheat measures on the PC version of Fallout 76. So far, reactions from the developers are pending. Fallout 76 has to deal with hacks, bugs and cheats, including duplicate items. It's understandable that fans don't like the fact that hacks can now even be used to create NPCs that interfere with the game.

Source: PCGamer

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