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Blizzard is introducing another, small change to character customization in WoW Shadowlands: As soon as the next expansion appears, all classes can use all hair colors available in the game – even those that were originally reserved for death knights and demon hunters.

Death knights and demon hunters belong to the so-called hero classes in WoW and therefore enjoy a special status. The upcoming expansion Shadowlands ensures that demon hunters and death knights move a little closer to the other classes. While the death knights now have practically no level advantage, Blizzard is also removing the restrictions on the hair colors of the hero classes with Shadowlands.

Pink hair for night elves, blue hair for blood elves

Ion Hazzikostas announced to the delight of the WoW community on Twitter (via Wowhead) that the developers in Shadowlands want to make those hair colors open to all classes that were previously reserved for demon hunters and death knights:

So if you've always wanted to create a character with the pink hair color of night elf death knights or the blue hair color of blood elf death knights, you can do so with Shadowlands. However, the colors remain limited to the respective race for whose death knight version they were previously available. The glowing blue eyes and the tattoos as well as horns are reserved for the respective hero classes death knight and demon hunter.

Incidentally, fans are demanding on Twitter that Blizzard also lift the restrictions on skin colors and, for example, make completely white-skinned tauren outside the death knight class or additional skin colors possible for demon hunters. Whether Blizzard will respond remains to be seen – Hazzikostas has not yet officially commented on these wishes.

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